When worship is a witness

This is Witness worship, God's people are hungrier than ever to see the glory of God cover the earth.

Deeper You Say?

Let's press in a little deeper each week, each event, each opportunity we have to meet Him. That God would be among His people, inhabiting their praises. You know we ought to let Him. We encouter the supernatural in immense ways. My heart cry is to see this happen more and more.

A love affair

God and His people... it's great to know we can come as we are... we can come knowing He will meet us every time, that's because he loves being with His people

The Witness Worship Program- get with the program!

Witness Worship program is the worship event organising body for Cecil Jay Roberts. We hold conferences and worship events where we can truly let go and let God. We yearn to woo the Lord into showing up so we can show Him off. The reward is His presence. He shows up every time ...

Who are you

There's a real you and a not-so-real you...Question is, who is God going to use

About Cecil

Cecil was born into a church loving family of six. Jesus was always the obect of affection in their home. After spending his early years in the united Kingdom while father George was on a diplomatic posting there, Cecil returnded to Ghana with the rest of his family where his love for music was nurtured. He learnt to play the Piano and bass guitar and joined the Central Gospel Church music department where early ministry commenced. He returned to the United Kingdom after the death of his father when he felt the Lord's call to ministry. His passion for the body of Christ has enabled him to work across many churches using the gift of Psalmist and teacher in a unique way that can only be understood when witnessed. His pilot broadcast series 'Four Seasons' commenced airing this year and airs every Wednesday at 8pm on Faithworld TV. He currently serves as director of worship at Salvation For The Nations.

There's a storm coming

These are the days to expect...

  • A tangible manifestation of God's presence
  • A never-ending river of God's Grace
  • A move of the Holy Spirit like never before
  • Different and various exciting expressions of worship
  • God's Superior agenda fully overriding man's inferior agenda

What is God saying in these days

This is the most exciting time to be alive...

  • "How thirsty are you? Come and drink to your fill" There's plenty of Him to last for an eternity

    Cecil Jay Roberts- Witness Worship
  • ... for them to actually catch a glimpse of who He is and change, because once you see Him, once you experience Him your life will change. "Taste and see," you know what I mean? 

    Paul Baloche
  • "If It's ridiculous and arrogant to limit God. Let Him be who He is in your life. Let Him show off.

    Lydia Stanley,